Our Story

For our ʻohana, beekeeping is a labor of love.

Beekeeping inspired us to craft nourishing products featuring the purest Hawaiian honey and handpicked local ingredients. Embracing our foundational principles of supporting local communities, sustainability, and harnessing the power of natural superfoods, we take pride in our small-batch creations that nourish mind, body and soul.

Nestled in the small beach town of Kailua, O'ahu, our family business proudly calls this beautiful community home. Adorned with the iconic Mokulua islands in our logo, we celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Our journey into backyard beekeeping began as a labor of love in 2019, sparked by our concern for the decline of honeybee populations. As we tended to our hives, we couldn't help but notice the remarkable impact our buzzing friends had on pollinating our local plants. It's a heartwarming sight to see them thriving amidst the flora of Kailua.

As bee lovers, we respect the bees' priorities, particularly during the winter months when they focus on colony survival rather than honey production. Through our dedication to sustainable practices and local sourcing, we're honored to contribute to the beauty and vitality of our beloved hometown.


Richard is our beekeeper and taste-tester-in-chief. He extracts honey from our backyard hives and performs hive inspections as needed. Richard devotes himself to nurturing and safeguarding his colonies, ensuring the strength of both his bees and the surrounding ecosystem. He is a honey connoisseur and always brings home a jar of honey when he travels. He will tell you without a doubt that our Kailua Honey is the best!


Meet our honey mixologist and ayurveda enthusiast! She dreams up onolicious recipes by carefully selecting various raw Hawaiian honeys (Wild blossom, Ohia Lehua, Wilelaiki, Macadamia and of course, our own Kailua Honey) and blending with wholesome, superfood ingredients to make our Infused Hawaiian Honeys. Each creation reflects her dedication to infusing wellness into every jar of our Infused Hawaiian Honeys, epitomizing her devotion to both craft and tradition.


Roen wears many hats with unwavering dedication. From overseeing our website and managing online orders to handling logistics with finesse, Roen ensures seamless operations behind the scenes. Despite juggling various responsibilities, he wholeheartedly lends his expertise to marketing initiatives and cultivates meaningful relationships with our wonderful customers, while balancing his academic pursuits.

Where do our bees forage?

Our Kailua bees forage in a radius of up to four miles from our yard. The flavor of our honey changes during the seasons based upon the flowers that are in bloom. Spring and summer honey tends to be more floral in flavor while fall honey can be slightly spicy due to the bees visiting wilelaiki trees which bloom in the winter.

We started producing Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Honey Butters and Infused Honeys to diversify our business during periods when honey production is low. Our customers love Kailua Badass Honey which is blended with Bottlehead HI's Badass Whiskey and our Barrel-aged Bourbon Honey (non-alcoholic) which was aged in a Ko'olau Distillery barrel.