We believe collaborations will take you places competition never could. We have embraced this philosophy since day one, and have partnered with several businesses in our community and we're always looking for partnerships.

Ko'olau Distillery

In an exciting collaboration with Ko'olau Distillery, we've introduced two extraordinary creations to our lineup. Our barrel-aged honey is meticulously crafted in small batches, where raw Hawaiian Honey undergoes a unique aging process in Bourbon barrels. While the honey itself contains no alcohol, it acquires a delightful smoky bourbon-oak flavor from the barrels, resulting in a truly distinctive and indulgent treat for the senses.

In our partnership, we've also created Old Pali Road Honey by blending Ko'olau Distillery's premier whiskey, Old Pali Road, with our pure Hawaiian Honey. Because we know you just can't get enough of this blend, we made it in our larger 12oz size, so there's plenty to share with your whiskey-loving friends!

Bottleheads Hawaii

Our collaboration with Bottleheads Hawaii marks a celebration of local craftsmanship and innovation. Through this partnership, we merge the richness of Raw Hawaiian Honey with the bold essence of Bottleheads' renowned Badass Whiskey, creating a unique and unforgettable product. This collaboration embodies the spirit of community and creativity, showcasing the artistry of two distinct brands coming together to craft something exceptional for our customers to savor and enjoy.